WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

When you’re running around during the busy summer months, it is always easier to wear an outfit that can be a simple change from day to night. A day to night outfit is especially convenient when one is on vacation and does not want to overpack. This Fashionisto’s outfit is a perfect example of an outfit that can be taken from day to night with one simple change.

This Fashionisto is seen wearing a basic V-neck shirt, a colorful pair of bright blue shorts and a pair of Sperry Top-Siders, which help dress up his look. This outfit is perfect for a hot summer day of hanging out with friends, or even running errands around town. The bright blue shorts add a vibrant pop of color to the outfit and are on trend for the summer months. This Fashionisto is also wearing a pair of sunglasses with a touch of blue tint in the lenses, which also coordinate with his shorts. The stylish sunglasses are also essential for a summer day spent outside.

This look can easily be taken from day to night by simply changing out the V-neck shirt with a collared dress shirt. Adding a collared dress shirt can help dress up this look for a night out to dinner. A collared dress shirt with some blue touches can also help accentuate the shorts and make them stand out even more. This look can easily be taken from day to night without having to worry about changing the entire outfit.

One Simple Change: Want to take this look to a summer tailgate? Simply add a baseball cap and change the Sperry Top-Siders to a pair of sandals and your look is complete.