WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Many college students have internships this summer. We wake up in the morning and get ready for our day in the office or wherever the internship may be. Some interns may not enjoy their internships and just want to get through the day. Others may love it and look forward to going to their internships each day. Regardless of whether interns adore their internships or not, we still text our friends and fellow interns to make plans for happy hour after work.

This means that we have to dress appropriately for the office and for happy hour. No one wants to go back to their apartment or house in order to change for drinks after work. Basically anything goes for happy hour. When you go out between five and eight, the women have their skirts and dresses on, while the men have their suits or khakis and button-downs on.

This Fashionisto interns at Joonbug, which is a nightlife company. The attire is business casual. He knew that he was going out with his intern friends after work so he had to dress for his day in the office and his night out on the town. The button-down shirt is preppy enough for the office but also casual enough for drinks. The same goes for the khakis and the boat shoes. Men can dress khakis up or down very easily. Khakis could be dressed up just as this Fashionisto did with a button-down; or else the pants could be dressed down with a T-shirt.

One Simple Change: This Fashionisto could easily swap his khakis for a pair of jeans in order to create more of a casual style for a graduation. The button-down, boat shoes and sunglasses would work perfectly with a pair of jeans in order to go to a friend’s graduation.