WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

Alright, so the school year is coming to a close. You’ve packed up a bunch of your clothes already, and you really just want to keep things simple. I totally get it. At this point, changing your outfit multiple times a day just isn’t practical. This Fashionisto feels our pain. He rocks the day-to-night look.

His look works for a day of classes; it’s a happy medium between casual and formal. With it, he can stroll into class, fashionably late, of course, but the professor won’t blame him once checking him out. His strapback hat says, “I’m a chill guy,” but his button-up says, “Hey, professor, let’s get down to business.” The button-up isn’t extremely formal, but it’s still sophisticated. Its light blue color works well for springtime, especially right here on the Chicago lakeshore. With his hat and shirt combination, this Fashionisto shows that he’s fashion-forward. Is he going to stick to one specific style? Heck no! He’s going to mix it up and show that he’s versatile. I mean, we all know that the ladies love a complex guy, right?

Once nighttime rolls around, he can ditch the hat and let his blonde locks fly free. He’s instantly ready for a night out with his lady friend, but he’s also ready to grab some drinks with his buddies. His chinos and boots keep the look uniform and practical for a number of occasions. If this Fashionisto went with a pair of sneakers, he wouldn’t be ready to take hold of Chicago’s nightlife. The chinos are incredibly versatile. They can easily be dressed up or dressed down, so they’re realistic for a day-to-night look.

Take a look at this Fashionisto, and remember to keep his style in mind when planning an outfit that’s both functional and fashionable.

One Simple Change: Throw on a watch at night for an even more sophisticated look that will work for a date night.