WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Find the girl of your dreams. Call her. Ask the girl on date. Make reservations for dinner. Buy flowers. Do everything you will need to do to make that date absolutely perfect. But wait, what are you going to wear?

Usually my articles are directed towards girls. This time around, it is all about you lovely gents who don’t think clothes are important or don’t understand how someone can spend so much time getting ready. Little do you know, you are actually the ones that are wasting time. You are willing to go the extra mile to plan an ideal date and take her to the most luxurious places. Do you really want it to all go to waste because you didn’t have the outfit that made her go home thinking, “That boy looked good?”

College is not only about taking classes and earning a degree. It is a place that enables you to mature and to learn who you are as a person. You are able to meet people of all different backgrounds and to leave the bubble you once lived in. College is said to be a place where you find the person you are going to marry. Now, take my advice and read carefully; you don’t know when you might find your Cinderella.

The girl going to dinner with this guy was lucky for sure. Starting with the top half of his outfit, you can tell he is more than just the ordinary guy. He chose to wear a purple dress shirt with a V-neck sweater on top. When he popped his collar and folded over the cuffs, it gave the outfit a touch of originality, especially since the cuffs have a different pattern than the collar. Even from afar, this guy is sure to be noticed. His gray sweater is also perfect, adding a warm touch to complement the different shades of purple on the shirt underneath. Next, the choice to wear jeans is also optimal. Jeans keep the outfit dressed up but not too fancy for going out on a first date. Lastly, the pointed-toe shoes are the finishing touch that ties the entire outfit together. This fella is definitely ready to bring his date home to mom.

One Simple Change: Don’t have a date and want to get those girls in class staring? Swap the dress shirt and sweater for a solid black long sleeve. Maybe put on a pair of khaki pants instead of the jeans. Since it’s getting closer to spring, kick off those fancy shoes, and put on a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. Voila! Now, sit back and relax. Let the outfit do the talking.