WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

July 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

Every Fashionista’s dream is to have their love interest dress spectacularly. Girls spend hours getting ready for date night; there’s makeup, hair, clothes and anxiety. Nothing is more disappointing than looking red carpet ready for your date and then seeing him in his Nike basketball shorts, Vans shoes and an unflattering sweater. I think many of us can attest to this experience. Although some guys love to say that clothes are simply materialistic, they would be lying if they said first impressions do not matter. As I was walking out of my apartment, I spotted this Fashionisto and my heart fluttered just a tad.  Before I knew it, I was running towards him with my camera to take shots of his incredible threads.

A major trend in menswear this spring was not only monochromatic ensembles but white monochromatic ensembles. Alexander Plokhov’s spring 2016 menswear collection highlighted this trend with various monochromatic looks. The whole idea behind this trend is to really observe the material and textures of the different pieces. There is something very elevated and luxe about wearing an entire outfit in a similar hue. However, one may protest that his pants are cream while his shirt and shoes are white; this is actually encouraged, as the slight color change highlights each individual item of clothing.  Your average guy on the street would not understand the class and high-fashion aesthetic of this look. I almost fainted upon seeing this Fashionisto; I did not realize men who were so ahead of the game existed.

This Fashionisto planned his outfit around his ASAP Bari Vlone shirt. Anyone who knows both rap music and fashion will admit that Bari’s brand is one of the hottest this season.  The careful placement of this white shirt with a simple design alongside these cream colored skinny jeans screams perfection. The Supreme beanie and Stan Smith adidas shoes were the cherries on top to complete this effortless outfit perfect for date night.  With this guy on your arm, you are sure to make other girls’ heads turn.

One Simple Change: Ready to meet the parents? Ditch the beanie and switch out the Adidas for nice pair of white dress shoes.