WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Couples are interesting. Some appear to be the same person, attached at the hip. Then there are some that hold tight to their individuality and bond over similarities. When I saw this couple I saw two people confident in their own style but they had a similar vibe that just brought them together.

This Fashionisto here wears his personality on his sleeve, literally. Patterns like this allow for a person to show more of the person they are. Keeping with a simple color scheme and a pop of green over a white button-up, he shows us his playful personality without trying to steal the attention of everyone around him. To keep his look casual he pairs the button-up with khaki cut-offs and truly loved black Vans.

I never would I have thought that brands would begin to create lines tailored for music festivals. However, thanks to Festival Fashionistas like Vanessa Hudgens, the Jenner sisters and so many more celebrities the festival look is now a trend. The Fashionista of this fashionable duo gave me instant Coachella vibes, yet her look is brought to more simple level for a perfect date night look. Her lace crop top paired with a black bralette says romantic and flirty rather than going for a black lace crop top. Paired with a blush pink high-waisted skirt keeps the look flirty without showing too much skin. To finish off her look and keep it simple, she has on a pair of Pali Hawaii sandals.

These looks are perfect for a date night because each person is subtly showing their individuality but still dressing for the occasion. Especially if you’re on a date with someone new, this is the perfect way to give your date an idea of who you are without having to say it. When it comes to fashion, the world is full of trends; style is adding your spin on it. Don’t dress yourself for your date—let them see who you are.

One Simple Change: Summer is a time when the days are longer and you never really know what will happen. A simple dinner and a movie could change to a walk on the beach or a spontaneous adventure. For the Fashionistas take your look from date night dressy to traveling by trading in a maxi skirt for your favorite pair of high-waisted shorts. For the Fashionistos out there take your date night casual to meeting the parents ready by swapping your cut-offs for a pair of black chinos and and nice pair of Clarks.