WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Date night, Bae Night, whichever your name preference, it’s always nice spending time with that special someone. There’s so much advice out there for the ladies on what to wear, how to put on makeup and the lots when it comes to date night. Yes, it all comes down to feeling comfortable while making a good impression. But how about the fellas? A guy has to look good too you know! This Fashionisto shows you just how.

Sticking to dark denim, this Fashionisto has more flexibility to be creative with his choice top and accessories. Denim can be played up or down, and dark denim especially gives a crisp look, making it perfect for a date. The fully buttoned T-shirt adds more formality so this look could work if dinner is on the menu that evening. However, the polka dot pattern makes the ensemble casual and versatile enough to hit the movies, a concert or a party right after. Fellas, it’s okay to wear polka dots. Seriously, it really is. The Fashionisto stuck to one pattern in black and white to complement the jeans giving a more minimal look. For that extra dose of swag and suave (very much needed for and appreciated during a date), the look was completed with a pair of Nike Air Force sneakers and a complementary wristband.

Own your look, ooze confidence and have a great time. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

One Simple Change: Ditch the Air Forces for a pair of dress shoes and thrown on a dark, well fitting blazer for a more business casual look. A stellar pair of sunglasses are more than welcome.