WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

July 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Everyone gets nervous when it’s time for the big date. Yes, even guys, too! You probably are searching everywhere in your closets, dressers and any other place you keep your clothes. Trying to find the perfect fit for a date night can be a bit of a stresser, but keep calm because it’s actually pretty easy.

This Fashionisto knows exactly how to dress for date night. He keeps it classy yet casual. His look is a classic, but he gives it a little flare to make sure that he stands out to his date. This Fashionisto is wearing a white, printed button-down with a pair of medium length khaki shorts. What makes this outfit so perfect is that our Fashionisto ties the navy blue fish print in his button-down with his navy blue, suede oxfords. In addition, the khaki colored shoe strings add a nice touch to tie in with those khaki shorts. His shoes definitely dress up the outfit and make it appropriate for date night. Oxfords are a great shoe because they come in many different colors, materials and designs and are made by several designers. It is great for the guys because they can find the shoe just about anywhere they go. This Fashionisto completes his ensemble with a metallic steel-colored watch.

I love that this Fashionisto did some subtle matching. He didn’t wear the same colored pants and shirt. However, he used small details to tie in with other parts of his outfit. Matching in an understated way allows you to stay classy but still add some flare to your fit.

So gentleman, don’t forget to get a fresh hair cut for that big date. Ladies love a well-dressed man with a sharp, clean-cut.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto wanted to wear this outfit for a day in the office of his internship, all he would have to do is put on a pair of dress pants or even a pair of khaki pants.