WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Date night. Two simple words that are defined easily when separated, but when paired together can call for a night of anxious nerves and giddy excitement before it even begins. Aside from calming down the inevitable swarm of butterflies running around in my stomach, I always find myself stressing over what I’m going to wear. An outfit means everything on a date, especially the first one, when you’re aiming to make the perfect impression. Struggling between being overdressed or underdressed, too hot or too cold, too busy or too plain is all that flows through my head. It’s an important decision to make, and sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother to point her wand at me and spin me into the perfect outfit, worry free. Maybe I’m overthinking it, because when I found this Fashionisto walking down the sidewalk his body language screamed, “chill.” With hands in pockets, he appeared to be calm, collected and ready to take on the ever anticipated, date night.

Brining in a relaxed vibe, this Fashionisto is rocking the perfect look for a night out. He pairs a light blue, short sleeve button-down with a plain white V-neck. This combination works well when the destination of the date may be up in the air. His top half is a happy medium, and can be seen as casual or dressy; however, choosing a classic dark pant helps the outfit lean towards the dressy side of the spectrum. To top things off, he keeps his shoes at a neutral tone, allowing the natural distressed oxford design of the shoe to draw some interest down to his feet. His trendy pieces and cool state make for a look that stands out on the street.

One Simple Change: If you’re looking to take the same look further into the year, grab a casual V-neck sweater and throw it on top of the buttoned up collar. Now with some color peaking out at the neckline, you can keep yourself warmer with a light sweater for the fall.