WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Summertime often calls for summer romances (not that I’ve ever had one), and going on dates is always nerve-racking for girls. I can’t talk on a guy’s behalf, but I can only imagine that it is much simpler for them. Boys don’t have nearly as many things to worry about, but I think one thing we all have in common is knowing what to wear.

It is often hard to tell whether to dress fancy, casual or somewhere in between. You never know how the other person is planning to dress for a date. If the other person dresses fancier and you dress casually, that can make for an awkward situation. A safe bet is to go for a put together, casual look, and that way, you are covering both spectrums. This week’s Fashionisto perfectly displays a quintessential date outfit. He wears a shirt with khaki pants. Khaki pants are ideal for a date because they are casual but look more put together than jeans. He then adds dark brown boat shoes and a white and brown watch to perfectly match his shirt. He is prepared for whether his date wears a dress or if she wears a cute blouse and shorts. Either way, his outfit will complement her perfectly. This date night attire also allows you to go to a nice dinner or even to a local fair. It’s versatile in every way!

One Simple Change: If the date went well and you two fall madly in love, she’ll probably want you to meet the parents. This outfit can work for that, too. Pulling from a throwback Harry Styles look, you can just toss a fitted blazer on top. It instantly takes the outfit to full blown first impression mode.