WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

So there’s this campus hottie that you have had a crush on for a very long time, and you have finally gotten the opportunity to take her on a date! There’s just one problem: what do you wear? You really want to impress this girl and you want everything to be perfect. First dates can be a very scary thing, but with the right attire you will go in feeling confident and sauvé. That being said, the key to looking your best is to look put together but in an effortless way, and this Fashionisto does exactly that.

This Fashionisto keeps within his own personal style while staying naturally classy at the same time. His button-down Timberland shirt is the star of his outfit. The blue of his  button-down really complements his eyes and skin tone while adding some color to the outfit. By pairing it with some neutral tan shorts and some in-style brown Sperry Top-Siders, it is an easy way to keep the outfit cohesive and comfortable during those hot summer nights.

This Fashionisto completes his outfit by wearing complementing accessories. His stylish Bulova leather watch adds a chic look (while keeping him on time for any occasion). His matching black leather belt and cool shades tie the look together, while revealing his own personality through his outfit.

One Simple Change: His outfit is a great balance between casual and formal which can be easily transformed to the perfect outfit for a casual brunch. By removing the belt, untucking that shirt and rolling up your sleeves, you will still look great while having some casual fun.