WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

College is about finding yourself: finding what you like, what you want to be, who you want to be and what you want to become. It’s about following your dreams, creating them and making memories. With all these big changes happening in your life, does anyone really have time for dating? But what if you meet someone, the most beautiful girl or most handsome boy you’ve ever met? What if they also end up being the coolest person you’ve ever met? What happens next? You finally build up the courage to ask her out, or maybe you get asked out. Now what? What if they say no? Well, that would be awkward, but what if they say yes? So many questions go through your mind, where should we go, what should we do, should I get flowers? All those pass through and then you wonder, what should I wear? Should I go with casual or would that be too sloppy, should I wear a blazer or does that seem too serious? Trying to find the perfect in-between, versatile date night outfit is always hard. With all these high nerves what you wear should be the least of your problem, just be yourself, dress like you normally would. But what does that even really mean?

This Fashionisto decided to wear dark wash jeans. Dark wash is always a good idea for more of a dressed up look. Dark wash jeans are also the most flattering color of jeans for any body type. They are also perfect for hiding the accidental food that just fell from your fork onto your lap while on your date. This Fashionisto also choose a gray zip up sweater paired with a plain white T-shirt to go underneath. The plain white T-shirt is a perfect choice for a date night. With the more formal choice of sweater and dark washed jeans, the white T-shirt isn’t too formal if he were to just be grabbing a quick bite of food but he could also take the sweater off if he gets too warm. His outfit is finished with dark leather Sperry Top-Siders. These shoes are both comfortable and stylish. This simple yet versatile date night outfit is ready for a casual dinner date followed by a spontaneous ferris wheel ride on a cool summer night.

One Simple Change: No spontaneous ferris wheel ride in the forecast? Dress this look up with a colorful collared shirt underneath the sweater. The pop of color will create a more formal, put-together look.