WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

Once you’re with someone for a few years, you forgo all desire to impress him or her with uncomfortable outfits. If you are anything like me, date night can be as simple as a quick trip to get tacos and a movie in. Whether it’s a first (Tinder?) date or just another dinner run with your significant other, dressing in a way that expresses your personal style is the ultimate goal.

Plaid shirts never seem to go out of style for men. They can be dressed up or down easily and look good on just about everyone. They are an easy go-to staple for any occasion and for men of any style. I have nothing against a little bit of the rugged lumberjack look. This small scale, cream and navy version delivers a fresh take on the classic plaid. Corduroy is a tricky fabric that often has a dated connotation, yet this material has started to appear on men’s pants. A thin corduroy pattern on a slim-fitting pant is just the trick to updating this fabric style. It also acts as a healthy middle ground between too casual and too dressy—perfect for date night.

The key to a successful date night outfit is incorporating your own personality through unique pieces. In this Fashionisto’s case, a graphic T-shirt with a bold print did just that. Being comfortable by layering and wearing clothes that represent you is the most important thing to keep in mind. How about wearing a modern pair of Vans in a cool color like the green and brown pair in this outfit? There is no need to whip out your tuxedo and bow tie getup for that special lad or lassie in your life.

Whoever you are on a date with, they are probably more interested in who you are rather than how uncomfortable you can dress. The most impressive date night outfit is the one that reveals personal style. In the end, I can only give you advice for that first date; bagging the second date is up to you.

One Simple Change: Happen to be going to a concert with that lucky someone? Throw on a band T-shirt instead, and you’ll be ready to rock on all night.