WHAT TO WEAR: Date Night

April 13th, 2015 at 2:00am

Date nights can be stressful for both parties, especially those first few meetings. As much as we hate to admit it, appearance is important and a good first impression is key. With that being said, what you wear counts. Dress codes for girls and guys can be tricky. A T-shirt and jeans or shorts can come off as sloppy while heels may be too fancy. After what seems like hours of hopping between the mirror and your closet, you still haven’t figured out what to wear. So what’s your best bet?

This Fashionisto provides a model for casual date attire. On the first few dates, you may hardly know each other so it’s safe to say you won’t be going anywhere that requires a dinner jacket and a reservation. Keeping it casual means you don’t have to fidget with your hair and clothes and you can pay attention to your date and what they’re saying. This Fashionisto sports a clean, white T-shirt under a chambray button-up. The button-up elevates the T-shirt and opting for a patterned button-up gives you a chance to personalize your outfit.

On the bottom, he’s wearing a pair of olive chinos and some minimal, all-white sneakers. If you’re not sure how fancy you should dress, chinos are a great option because they’re fancier than jeans without looking like you tried too hard. While sneakers often come across as unkempt, opting for an all-white pair keeps the outfit clean and minimal. Despite this Fashionisto’s lack of bright colors or fancy patterns, the entire outfit reads as very simple, but well put together.

By following this guide for casual first dates, you can craft your own foolproof outfit that’s effortless but still represents your personality and style. So stop ransacking your closet and get out there and enjoy your date’s company.

One Simple Change: Let’s say your lunch date went really well but now you have to hit up the library and study for your big exam tomorrow. No problem! Switch out the chinos for a pair of comfy joggers and you’re all set.