As the weather starts warming up and we enter spring there’s another season fast approaching: festival season. If you’re an avid festival or concert-goer like I am, then you know that the fashion is almost as important as the music. The process of getting just the right look together for the show really adds hype to the entire concert experience. But it can also be pretty stressful. Concert-goers always bring their A-game when seeing their favorite artists perform and this can put pressure on picking the right pieces for your own look.

One of the most important things to remember when getting your look together is to have fun with it. I like to look at concerts as an opportunity to try new and daring looks. Take a lesson from this Fashionisto for example. He’s perfectly paired the funky pattern of his hooded button-down over an equally bold graphic T-shirt. The similar colors shared by the two layers keeps the ensemble from being too busy. He sets off the look with understated pieces like these neutral toned jeans and navy sneakers. Topping the whole look off with this trendy snapback hat is both functional and fashionable. Hats are perfect for finishing off concert looks because not only do they tie everything together but also provide much needed protection at outdoor concerts.

Whatever you decide to wear in the end, be sure to rock it while you rock out at the show! Be bold and remember that confidence is key. Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration and hopefully this Fashionisto’s look can spark that for you.

One Simple Change: Flexible outfits are the best. Take this outfit to a new level easily but just removing the cap and buttoning up the shirt for a slightly more put together look to meet the parents in! You could even trade the hooded button-down for a collared one to add an even more polished look.