May 4th, 2015 at 2:00am

Summer is right around the corner Fashionista/os, but you already knew that, didn’t you? Everyone is counting the days until finals and the stress of the semester are over, looking forward to going home for the summer. Now we all know that with summer comes pool parties, barbecues, beach days, but of course, we can’t forget concerts. So many awesome acts are on tour this summer, but the question is, what are you going to wear?!

This past weekend, Fordham hosted the band Twenty One Pilots as the headliner for our very own spring concert. Playing on the back steps of the residence hall that I call home, #Represent, the band played a fantastic set that brought the crowd to life. After the show, students soaked up the afternoon sun dressed in their best Coachella-meets-FU outfits. As I waited, to no avail, in line for a waffle from New York’s own Wafels & Dinges, I spotted this Fashionisto relaxing in the sun. There were so many people at the event, but he managed to be seen in the crowd. That just goes to show that there’s something to be said about being comfortable and looking cool in an outfit, while still standing out.

With that, let me spell out what I’m trying to say here, Fashionistas/os. When you go to concerts this summer, make sure you are comfortable, but still turn heads. This Fashionisto didn’t go crazy trying to stand out, but he caught my eye nonetheless. The vibrant floral pattern of his button-up shirt goes so well with the subdued gray of his hoodie and makes for a perfect concert look. Layers are key for summer concerts because you never know when the temperature is going to drop. He paired the shirt and hoodie with a pair of pegged jeans, tortoiseshell sunnies and a great pair of red Vans. Coming from someone who has made the, “I’m going to wear heels to the show,” mistake one too many times, cute sneakers are a must-have for any avid concert-goer this summer.

One Simple Change: Going to a concert this summer? It might not be your best move to wear jeans. Pair a patterned button-up like this Fashionisto’s with a pair of solid-colored twill shorts and you’re good to go!