Have you ever met a Fashionista/o who was obsessed with graphics and patterns in clothing? If not, let me introduce this Fashionisto.

The perfect occasion to take this bold look is to a concert with flashing lights and loud music. This Fashionisto was on his way to a Fleetwood Mac concert later that evening, and don’t you think Stevie Nicks would love this outfit on him too?

In this look, he coordinates his hat and T-shirt perfectly with the tribal patterns of each. They both have a calm vibe but can definitely stand out in a crowd for a hectic concert. The colors in this outfit are what give the pattern life. Usually, tribal patterns are black and white, but luckily for this Fashionisto, he did not have to wear it that dull. This look is full of energy. Shoes are always a Fashionisto’s best accessory. His Converse are a great pairing for this outfit, and the red color of them helps bring out the yellows and oranges of the shirt and hat. Nothing clashes in this look, and it doesn’t feel too crowded with all the colors combined.

Now, making our way down to his legs. His shorts are a perfect length and give his limbs a gorgeous shape and elongation. Flat-fronted shorts are ideal for both the spring and summer season, and any Fashionisto can pull this look together with them.

One Simple Change: Of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of distressed skinny jeans. Jeans would give this look a more rustic feel, and you can take this look from a concert to weekend wear.