WHAT TO WEAR: Comfortable Class Cutie

As the semester begins to come to a close, so does a fair deal of our motivation. Although the majority of us may go to bed thinking to ourselves, “Tomorrow I’m going to try and get my life together,” the blaring alarm tone that sounds off in the morning turns any hopeful thoughts to mush. Speaking from a personal perspective, putting effort into my look helps me feel more awake and ready to take on the day. However, the comfort of my bed often causes me to run to class late still head to toe in pajamas. Oops.

On days such as those, you absolutely do not have to sacrifice fashion for last-minute convenience. This Fashionista looks prepared to tackle anything this day throws at her, plus she now has an extra push of desire to work out her stress in the gym after class. Athletic tights help fight against the brisk winter air for those morning classes, without the inflexible restraint of jeans.

A solid pair of Nikes are an incredibly smart investment for life in general, for their insane comfort and stylish look. Having a solid color, such as black, can go with any outfit choice and make you look both practical and trendy. A win-win situation!

Rose gold in any shape, style or form has truly become an ultimate obsession of mine over the course of this year. Throwing on a pair of sunglasses on the way to class adds a little “oomph” to your overall look and allows you to check out the good looking kid who walked past you without being too noticeable. With a little rose gold twinge, you can channel a sophisticated, pretty image.

Make the transition from your all too warm and inviting bed to the classroom easier than ever. With an outfit like the one this Fashionista is showing off, you can get the best of both worlds: comfort and style. Who wouldn’t love a deal like that?