WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

December 11th, 2015 at 2:10am

I love fall fashion. Whether it be the fabrics, earthy colors or layering, something about it is always warm and cozy. Unfortunately, even with my enthusiasm, it’s easy to fall into rote outfit patterns. I find myself pairing the same shirts with the same pants, wearing my hair the same way and so on. Sometimes, it takes an outside influence to remind you to up your game. I found one such reminder strutting down the street. A brisk sunny afternoon served as a backdrop for this Fashionista’s killer outfit, which is the perfect look for late fall.

Obsessed is the low-key way to describe how I feel about this Fashionista’s style. Everything about her outfit screamed “trendy.” Maybe it was her monochrome color choices, the big sunglasses, the fur coat or just the way she carried herself. Regardless, she looked effortlessly cool. Still, this Fashionista didn’t let things get too edgy. A swipe of bubblegum pink lip gloss added a sweet touch to her dark look.

The best part of this Fashionista’s outfit is the way she played with texture. Considering her simple color palette, using a variety of textures was a smart move. It kept things interesting without being too busy. The fur coat works as the focal piece of her look. As a sneaky addition of texture she let a knit sweater peek out from under her coat. Breaking up the busyness of the upper half of her outfit are her black leggings, which also bring your eye down to the leather of her shoes. The material of her booties tie in with her purse, while her puffer backpack not only give her extra storage but also a unique additional touch to her look.

One Simple Change: Getting toasty? Swap out your fur coat for a fur vest. You still maintain the fun addition of a fur texture without making yourself too hot. It’s a (literally) no sweat, easy change.