WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

This summer is starting off pretty chilly. However, I get to catch Fashionistas sporting their cooler weather attire, before we exclusively resort to shorts. This is why I decided to go hunting Fashionista/os on this drizzly day.

I wasn’t surprised to see so many stylish people. However, this one caught my eye. Not only does he look comfortable and well put together, but he’s also breaking fashion rules: “Do not pair navy and black pieces.” However, this Fashionisto made it work. All I know about fashion is the ones who break its rules are usually the ones setting trends.

This Fashionisto decided to pair a navy blue T-shirt with a black jacket. What caught my eye is that he decided to wear the navy shirt right underneath a black jacket, which makes the contrast of the two even more apparent. He’s taking a risk and seriously committing to it.

The layers also made it ideal for this time of the year, because ten minutes later it stopped raining and the jacket was off. He threw on a pair of light wash jeans, because you can never go wrong with jeans. He also added more black with his high-top boat shoes. And personally my favorite the accessories, yet again another black piece. One chunky watch is the perfect amount of jewelry he needs.

One Simple Change: This outfit is appropriate for many seasons. He can easily swap the boat shoes to some boots, and take on fall and some warmer days of winter.