WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

It’s back-to-school for the spring 2015 semester and for the Fashionistas in colder winter states, spring seems like a very distant term. All this snow and slush is bound to put a damper on a girls style, especially her shoe options! For anyone who has ruined her favorite suede shoes due to an invisible puddle knows exactly why anything suede is out, and heels are a possible broken bone waiting to happen. The massive stair cases on our mountain side campus are intimidating in running shoes! Stilettos would be border line suicidal so unless your looking for an ice bath for your feet in flats or open toed shoes, boots are about the only option we have but no complaints here, just look at these gorgeous boots! the weather definitely did not put a damper on this Fashionista’s style. Warm, comfortable and picture ready from head to toe.

Her deep red lips and adorable tousled hair polished off this perfect cold weather look flawlessly! For cold and wet weather its also a pretty genius beauty plan. No cold chapped lips or frizzy damp hair for this girl, she’s a pro. Wearing by far my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans I have seen outside of catalogs, she matched them with a beautiful off-white sweater, mixed matched silver jewelry and an adorable yellow Billabong coat with burgundy details on the zipper and around the collar. This look is perfect for the cold weather and campus life in general. Being this stylish and comfortable in a killer outfit on a beautiful Winter day makes the beginning of a new semester so much better.

One Simple Change: Is there an indoor event on campus today that requires a little more formality, like a senior gallery or a charity event? No worries, throw some heels into your backpack before school, hang up the parka at the events entrance, and this amazing look turns from cozy to chic instantly.