WHAT TO WEAR: Cold Weather

Winter in New York City gets intimidating. As the snowstorm hits, weather goes down to 20-degrees and it is time to bundle up with our cold weather accessories. In the pretty yet harsh winter wonderland, I caught up with a Fashionista that looked comfortable and cozy. She was able to stay warm during her commute to work and kept a bright smile on her face.

Her parka is a perfect winter outerwear. It is fully lined with soft fleece and a detachable furry hood. Under the furry hood, she wears another beanie to bring extra warmth for the ears. She wraps a chunky wool scarf around to block the wind. The tassels on the end add a nice quirky touch. The Fashionista enhances her monochromatic look with a chestnut brown bag. The bag’s gold metal hardware also matches her minimal ring. She keeps her feet warm with a pair of black combat boots, which also have grips to prevent slipping on the icy floor. As a tip, she says fuzzy, thick socks are better options with flat boots since the feet are closer to the ground.

Wish all Fashionistas/os could stay warm out there for the month of January. Make sure to use your winter accessories: hats, gloves, scarves and socks as they all help in the best ways possible. If you like to use your phone during commute, I recommend these touch screen gloves that allow you to surf or text without bare hands.

One Simple Change: Switch to rain boots to stay dry once the second day snow starts to melt!