Regarding temperature, one day may feel like an August heatwave and another day may trick us into thinking we were deep into the fall season. What!? No fair! With sudden weather changes like this, it’s nearly impossible to pick an outfit in the morning. Can I wear shorts?  Will I be fine in just a shirt? The questions are endless, and yes, mornings are stressful solely for this reason.

Well today decided to mimic a fall-esqe day; another morning with air that felt like mid-October had crept up on us. As I walked outside just to get a good feel of what was in store for me, I spotted this Fashionista who seemed to have figured it all out. Perfect for a day of back-to-back classes (seriously, she didn’t get a break all day) and accommodating the meteorological conditions (lol, that’s a scientific term for forecast), this look stresses comfort. She is sporting a pair of black spandex, a trendy workout top, lululemon athletic jacket (just in case that breeze hits), adidas high-tops and not to mention that backpack! It almost makes me want to learn!

One Simple Change: This ensemble can easily be transitioned from a day of classes to a quick de-stressing workout after a long day. Switch those leather adidas for a pair more equipped for running, throw that hair in a high pony and it might be a good idea to loose the backpack. It’s that simple! Staying in shape at school doesn’t have to be as hard as one might think.