October 7th, 2015 at 2:10am

While wearing yoga pants to class can be a comfy way to spend the day being lectured, I find it makes it that much easier to fall asleep during the ramblings of an overly caffeinated professor. This Fashion Institute of Technology student has the perfect ensemble for what to wear to class to still be comfy and casual while looking classy and chic as well.

A lot of time can be spent coordinating pieces for an outfit in the morning, but this simple black and white combination will make sure you are not late to class. This FIT student paired a casual white Urban Outfitters T-shirt with a sleek black H&M skirt for an effortlessly cool ’90s-inspired look. Adding her patent leather schoolgirl Vagabond heels and socks gave the look some class, but her outfit was still appropriate for class due to a comfortable heel height.

The earrings, necklace and bracelets worn by this Fashionista are simple, yet they add interesting detail to this more minimalist outfit. Even better, the necklace, made by this Fashionista, is a new twist on the choker that I had never seen before. While some people hate mixing gold jewelry with silver jewelry, it works in this instance because the silver earrings are not close to the gold bracelets. Even if they were close, fashion is more fun when a few rules are broken.

So instead of rolling out of bed and succumbing to the warm hug of your yoga pants or the softness of your sweats, throw on a cute and casual outfit for class. This Fashionista found a quick, easy way for you to look alert and cool during your studies.

One Simple Change: To take this look from a day of classes to a night out, try adding a leather jacket. This way you will be comfortably warm, while still maintaining that easy coolness to your style. Try a colorful leather if you’re feeling really daring.