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September 29th, 2015 at 2:05am

The mid-year mark has been already passed and that means back to school time. The media goes on a marathon with back to school supplies and essentials for a new school year. Let’s face it, the best part of going back to class is purchasing more pieces for your wardrobe. I have a strong theory that consists of dressing well for class makes you feel more confident and ready to tackle new lessons. Coming from a high school with a strict uniform code, getting dressed for class every morning seemed like a daunting task. To my surprise, it is one of the best parts of the day. Most of the time, I opt for simple neutral pieces and one stand out detail. Sometimes it is a pop of color in the lips or printed shoes, but during school time I make sure my bag is pretty eclectic and out there.

This Fashionista embodies exactly what a great outfit looks like, especially for sitting through an hour and a half lecture. She chose a white button-down, short sleeve shirt with simple slim black pants. The adidas shoes provide comfort for walking around all of campus. My favorite part of the whole look is the art inspired backpack. Madonna and child is one of the prominent themes in the 13th-15th century western art and putting the icon on a backpack gives the outfit a beautiful touch. She kept the jewelry very minimal and dainty with her gold watch and gold necklace. It actually compliments the golden hints in the backpack.

One Simple Change: If you do not have time to fully piece together a new outfit after class on a Friday night, change the trainers for some cute heels and grab a statement necklace. That is why I always opt for neutral but fashionable pieces to work as a platform for different looks.