We all know the dreadful feeling of that alarm clock once it goes off, along with having to rush to get to your 8:00 a.m. class. Especially when you still haven’t broken free from your bum-free streak you had going on. However, this Fashionista will show you how to look presentable yet comfortable in a matter of minutes with some simple outfit tips.

Jolting out of bed probably means you are still half asleep or groggy, and putting together a full outfit may seem like a challenge. There are effortless ways to style a complete look without wasting time and maintaining the desirable comfort of pajamas. Flowy materials are a great transition from pajamas to daywear. This Fashioninista is wearing a lilac blouse in place of a tempting T-shirt. Though it is a basic top, its feminine shape and plain canvas provides the foundation for a polished look. The long, flowy hemline of her blouse flatters her figure and allows for adequate coverage over her cotton leggings.

Leggings are always an obvious option for the late girl. It matches well with most outfits without compensating comfort. For added faux effort, she wears a pair of jeweled sandals. The gems and beads easily dress up her outfit and with some spare seconds, this Fashionista adds a pair of her favorite stud earrings. They compliment her sandals, pulling her ensemble all together. Pairing together these four pieces do not take much time out of your morning rush. She looks cute and is ready for class!

One Simple Change: To dress up this outfit further, try trading out the comfy leggings for a pair of skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. Jeans offer a more impeccable and finished look compared to leggings while maintaining a casual style for the weekend.