Well guys, it’s that time of year again. You’re headed back to school, starting up those exhilarating classes and making all kinds of new buddies! Let’s be real though—school is rough. No one needs any added stress this time of year, especially for problems like, what do I wear to class? Now, I know sometimes it is just one of those days that you have to throw on your favorite lululemon leggings and snuggly sweatshirt and call it a day, but we are Fashionistas. In reality, this is not what we should wear.

However, just because you’re trying to be stylish for school does not mean that you should don a floppy hat (the person behind you in class will hate you forever) and wedges (OUCH). Let’s be practical here people! This Fashionista is wearing a simple, flowy, black Madewell top, Topshop ripped boyfriend jeans and a wardrobe staple—black Birkenstocks. She accessorized with Black Ray-Ban sunnies, a silver and gold Fossil watch and a little pop of color with her red and black Nordstrom bag. I love this look because it encompasses so many wardrobe staples.

One Simple Change: This look is great not only for class but for travel as well. I always like to wear pants when I fly (but never sweatpants) and these jeans are perfect for that. I would tie a flannel around my waist in case it got cold after take off, and definitely switch out the Birkenstocks for a more comfortable pair of flats, or even converse. And voila! Two looks in one. My work is done. Thank you and good night.