Everyone knows that the biggest, brightest and most-talked-about music festivals of the year take place in the summertime.  Not only are these festivals opportune outlets to let your freak flag fly and dress in a style that best emulates your favorite kind of music, but they are also opportune venues to shop!  As well as stocking up on the hottest band merch, vendors also sell nifty trinkets and accessories.  You didn’t buy all those T-shirts just to sleep in, and what better time to wear them than to summer class?  Not only can you easily communicate your musical tastes at a glance, music T-shirts also provide an immediate icebreaker between classmates.  You never know who could be a potential study buddy, and it’s better to show off your taste on your shirt rather than being THAT dude that plays music through his headphones too loud.

This Fashionisto wears a T-shirt from Bonnaroo, his favorite music festival which he has attended three years in a row.  He maintains a pale, monochromatic color palette with his gray slim fit cutoffs and gray lace-up sneakers.  As well as coordinating, these sneakers are also ideal for walking across campus.  Polished off with a black Trans backpack and some tortoiseshell Clark Kent glasses, this Fashionisto shows he’s ready to focus.

One Simple Change: To change this look from class swag to weekend wear, boys can throw on a tailored blazer and a classy belt to elevate the caliber, while girls can easily play up their favorite music T-shirt with a red lip and a short skirt (maybe fishnets, if you dare).