The sun is out, the breeze is warm and summer classes are starting to take place on campus. Whether you’re doing this to take classes in advance or to simply spice things up by taking new courses, every day you should settle on a look that embraces your personal style. Selecting a daily outfit can tell how reassured and decisive you are. Not to mention that by smartly selecting clothes, you are communicating who you are and what you do. In this day and age, what we choose to wear to school classes is crucial. School is always on our daily routine, thus, it is where all of us coexist on a daily basis. Therefore, it is always worth to spend those five extra minutes the night before thinking on how to create a killer outfit. These last statements of mine may seem demanding or fussy. I understand the frustration and the time commitment, especially if you are working on a tight schedule. However, picking the right outfit will make a world of difference.

It is inevitable to be stressed out when you’re in a hurry but still want to look fashionable for class. You need to keep in mind that when taking classes, comfort and practicality are key. If you’re trying to increase those last decimals of your GPA or to learn more each day, then don’t wear uncomfortable and unwearable clothes to class. These types of clothes will only distract you and will keep you from reaching your ultimate academic goal. Follow this classic and on-the-edge boyish combo that this Fashionisto prepared for himself on this day. With this, you’ll feel comfortable and still look stylish.

First of all, the Fashionisto started by elevating himself by wearing a sleek white polo shirt and by throwing in that navy blue sweater. This quintessential combination is an undemanding one for us guys and can’t go wrong. It’s just like wearing a basic blouse for girls. For a chilly summer morning like this, you can layer up with this classic black leather jacket. The jacket adds a cool touch and a lowlight to the polo shirt. Another classic combination that cannot go wrong is the use of beige chino pants, along with these nautical-like colorful shoes. The pants play along with the outfit by adding a beautiful highlight, and those colorful shoes with matching shoelaces create contrast with everything else. That’s just why this outfit is killer and completely adequate for class. It’s bold, it’s practical, it’s comfortable and it’s fashionable.

One Simple Change: Loved this outfit for class but want it for multiple occasions, or want to “dress” it up a little more? Replace that black leather jacket for this raw indigo breezy tailored jacket. In only a matter of seconds, you’ll be ready for the perfect date night to impress that special one of yours. You’ll be seen as a good-looking and dressy Fashionisto who is aware of the concept of “self expression.”