The last days of the school year are slowly dragging along, and I am only anticipating the long awaited summer. I have not been home in three months, and there is always something about finals week that makes me miss my family even more. In theory, it is always the stress, the long nights and the idea of finally having three whole months to do absolutely nothing. I apologize in advanced if any of you are taking summer courses—props to you! With this being said, let us all finish strong and end the year on a fashionable foot.

This Fashionisto caught my attention because he was one of the few students on campus who decided to not wear sweats to the last day of class. The Fashionisto spilled his style secrets when he revealed how he chose his outfit. He implemented the not so rare phenomenon that works for many guys. I tend to call it the “grab and go.” Unfortunately, this divine gift does not work for just anybody, but he seems to be rocking it until the end. Even though there was not excessive outfit planning, the Fashionisto’s style still radiates through his attire. His jersey along with his adidas trainers paired with a casual denim jacket and shorts inspire a sporty yet casual look. The neutral colors tone down his outfit and allow him to layer pieces. This, in turn, makes the look more interesting and put together.

Lets face it; we all have that three hour lecture that we wish we could skip. This outfit is perfect for a day of class because it provides comfort for those long lectures. College survival is key, but just like this Fashionisto, let’s not compromise an outfit.

One Simple Change:  This outfit can easily go from a long day in class to stylish weekend wear. Even though this outfit is more on the casual side we can interchange the shorts for some nice solid or ripped black jeans. You can go for the hipster look by swapping out the jersey for your favorite graphic T-Shirt. Add your Ray-Bans and you are ready for a #RAD weekend.