It is almost time for you to get out of bed and head to your first class, which means you have to pick out an outfit to wear. As human beings, let’s face it, we hate getting out of bed and getting ready for school as we usually throw on sweatpants and sneakers because we are prone to dressing simple for class. It is good to see some college students looking stylish while keeping up with their busy class schedules like this Fashionista, who put together a cute, but simple outfit to wear to class. She told me: “The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and everyone should flaunt their best attire.”

Wearing all neutral colors, this Fashionista is looking flawless on the VCU campus. Cheetah print brightens the Commonwealth and Qreche Fields which ecstatically showed off her print ware. Decked out in a cheetah print cardigan, this Fashionista is just keeping it comfortable and is not too hot or too cold.  The cardigan keeps the chill from the wind, without the cotton material that gets hot in the sun and is perfect for the “bipolar” Richmond weather that we love so much. A great addition is the black jegging, which is absolutely stylish, as well as comfortable. Jeggings are stretchy and not too tight unlike jeans and they are a great way to remain fashionable, while being practical. The look would not be complete without a comfortable pair of casual shoes, these black shoes are the best for walking around in all day. Overall, this beautiful Fashionista is ready to start her day.

One Simple Change:  Are you done with your last class of the day and want to go out with family or friends?  Whether you are going to the mall or out to eat, try swapping the flats into some heels for a more mature look, plus heels make an outfit look better then flats.