The end of the semester has arrived and all you are thinking about is getting through these final weeks to enjoy summer break or embark on a new journey after graduating. While tests, papers and group projects are piling up, you cannot help but to anticipate this week being over. Just because you are running on less than six hours of sleep, does not mean you cannot still make it to class looking chic. Save the sweatpants for the gym, and put a little effort in your wardrobe this week!

I spotted this Fashionisto as he was leaving a test. He sported a casual-relaxed look while also looking relieved that the week was coming to an end. The weather was finally warm despite all the winter storms earlier in the semester. He wore a burgundy hoodie that had white stripe details down the arms. His jeans were a dark wash that fit him perfectly. He topped off his look with a classic pair of black and white Converse, a backpack and notebook in hand.

This Fashionisto shows that despite stress levels it is still possible to make it to class looking casual yet chic. He showed that a little effort goes a long way when it comes to an outfit. Remember that adding a simple accessory or pairing jeans with a cool T-shirt can be the extra push you need for a casual class look.

One Simple Change: Been eying that cutie in your political science class? Lose the backpack and swap out the hoodie for a classic white button-up shirt for a spontaneous date night.