Spring has finally sprung! Unfortunately for us college Fashionistas, there are still a couple months left of school. Nonetheless, spring is a time for color and is a time to experiment with outfits. To brighten up the fact that you are still in school, go shopping and get some color to make your closet more exciting. Now that you no longer have to be bundled in scarves and wool coats, you can start to accessorize and be more playful when getting dressed in the morning. The perfect outfit to wear to class is one that is comfortable but one that still looks polished.

When I asked this Fashionista about her outfit and any advice she would give for springtime fashion she said, “regardless of the season, don’t be afraid to wear color. It always makes for a better and brighter day!” Her outfit is perfect for going to class because it’s casual, stylish and has colorful elements. She layered two lace tank tops to create texture and dimension. The dark jeans complement her tan, wedged booties that are a perfect color for spring. My favorite element of her outfit is her colorful fringe cardigan. It has a relaxed feel that is perfect for class, looks great with the lace and the booties but also brightens the outfit. This Fashionista even choose rings with a pop of color that match the accents in the sweater. Overall, this outfit is a perfect transitional outfit for spring, that is both fun and comfortable.

One Simple Change: Swap out the layered lace tank tops and jeans for a light, lace dress. This will be a cooler option as the temperature rises and will look even more fun and flirty for the spring time season.