You wake up late for class and realize that it’s cold outside. You need to wear something appropriate or you’ll get sick, but you don’t have much time. This situation is what many students face after a long all-nighter for a test or a night out with friends. So what can you do to avoid looking like a total disaster when you walk into your lecture hall?

This Fashionista shows us a quick fix to prevent a disaster. She is wearing a basic long sleeve gray jersey top with black leggings and UGGs. She added a knit headband and a scarf to make her outfit weather appropriate. This look is perfect for class because it is comfortable and warm. No one will ever know that you overslept! Another great thing about this outfit is that these items can usually be found quite easily in anyone’s closet.

Follow this Fashionista’s example, and when you are in need for an outfit, but you have no time to waste, go for basics! Black leggings and a plain top can never go wrong! Add some cute accessories to keep you warm and make the look stand out. So if your closet is not the most organized place in your house, just make sure to have a small section where the basics go. It will save you a ton of effort, and you can get to class as fast as possible.

One Simple Change: If it’s colder than you expected or you feel that the outfit doesn’t have enough to stand out, add a lightweight hooded jacket. That way, you’ll feel warmer and keep the comfortable and casual vibe of the outfit.