There are those mornings when you wake up and just think: “I don’t want to talk to anyone today.” With midterms right around the corner, these days are coming much more often as your sleep schedule becomes nonexistent and water turns to coffee. Your end goal of each day is to leave the library before the sun comes up the next day and the last thing you want to do is talk about your classmate’s date last week that went terrible. On these days, graphic T-shirts are a must. They say things without you even having to speak. This Fashionista was on a mission to get to class and get on with her studies with no interruptions.

The Fashionista’s “I JUST CAN’T” shirt from Ten Sixty Sherman, which can be found at Nordstrom, is an essential in every young female adult’s closet. Why? Because sometimes we just can’t. It is the perfect mood setter and it warns your friends how you’re feeling from thirty feet away. This Ten Sixty Sherman “MESSY HAIR DON’T CARE” shirt is another one of my favorites.

There are a numerous amounts of looks to take on when wearing a graphic shirt. This Fashionista paired hers with boyfriend jeans and classic canvas white plimsolls to create a laid back, effortless look. Her oversized sunglasses also play a huge part in completing her “I JUST CAN’T” ensemble. I have recently become obsessed with these from Henri Bendel. The pop of color lenses makes a statement in a neutral-colored outfit such as this.

One Simple Change: Want to transform this look from day to night? Throw on this fringe jacket and these pumps and you’re ready to hit the town.