Let’s be honest. Once second semester has sunk in, it’s easy to throw on a pair of sweatpants and sweater and head to class. Easy isn’t always the best route when it comes to how you dress. Like it or not, what you wear says something to the people around you. It is a proven fact. That is why this Fashionista stood out to me in the crowd. Her outfit choice was just the right amount of comfortable and stylish.

This look particularly wowed me since it is something different in the sea of Hunter Boots, North Face parka coats and lululemon leggings. I have always thought being different and innovative with your style is the key to a successful wardrobe. She throws it back to the ’90s with her dark acid-washed jeans and keeps it casual with her zen graphic T-shirt. I admire how she matched her cardigan to the color of the smaller details in the T-shirt as well. Her combat boots pulled the look together by adding some Aztec pattern to the mix and matching her beanie perfectly.

When it comes to getting ready for class, this girl absolutely killed it. She knows how uncomfortable those lecture chairs are and that’s why jeggings were a perfect choice. It is also very common for classes to be a bit chilly here in Michigan, so the wool cardigan will help to keep her comfortable. The infamous saying “less is more” seems to apply to getting ready for class, but not so much less that you resort to sweatpants. College is the beginning of your professional career, and it’s the perfect time to ditch the super causal clothes and start broadening your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Maybe after class you have been invited to a free concert on campus with a couple of your friends. Don’t fret! All you have to do is throw on some faux leather leggings and some high heeled sneakers, and you’re ready to go!