The age-old 8:00 a.m.—a college student’s worse nightmare. Believe me, I know. I’ve done it to myself and evidently learned nothing, considering I’m still waking myself up for class before dawn. As a Fashionista/o, the wee hours of the morning often stifle creativity when dressing. Achieving the balance between comfort and put togetherness should be the primary concern when piecing together a look for class, especially when starting the day early.

I stumbled across this Fashionista on the steps of Powell Library. On a day that I folded in favor of workout capris and a sweatshirt, she demonstrated a blend between lecture hall-friendly and street style. With all the walking UCLA students do, one has to be practical. She does this with taste (unlike myself and my loungewear). With wide leg Roxy pants and woven sandals, she embraces the trek of the Westwood hills. Coral keeps things interesting; she stands out in the crowd. Because of this, she remains simple on top. Her white, eyelet blouse balances the color scheme while layered under a neutral, knit cardigan. An element of dressing for school is being prepared for all temperatures in and out of the classroom. She is prepared with a high low sweater as it both adds to her bohemian aura and keeps her warm in cold conditions. Fashionable and reasonable—taking notes?

Lastly, she communicates her eclectic spirit with silver rings collected abroad in Israel. Hints of turquoise embellish her traveler persona and together, her additions highlight the minimalism of her overall look. With layers, neutrals and simplistic accessorizing, this Fashionista showed me redefined class comfort.

One Simple Change: By removing the cardigan and replacing it with a denim jacket, this look would pair well with a day at the pier over the weekend. Salt water hair, sun-kissed skin and a touch of prep—you’re good to go.