The one struggle that every college student faces: get dressed for class or stay in your sweatpants. I think we can all agree that it is very hard to get motivated to look nice for class. In the winter, this task is especially difficult. Most of the time, the usual outfit for the typical college student in the winter would have to be casual pants, a sweatshirt, boots and a parka. When it comes to sitting in a large lecture hall for almost two hours, being comfortable is always the most important aspect to factor into your outfit. Although this may be the case for most students, I spotted this Fashionista putting a stylish spin on the casual going-to-class look.

She caught my attention because her look was very sharp and clean. She was able to look comfy yet stylish. This Fashionista killed it with the statement pieces in her outfit. The details in the hood of her coat were a very nice touch as well. It was lined with fuzzy black velvet and fur. Her shiny black Dr. Martens and leather backpack are a prime example of being able to show off your personal style while on your way to class. Dr. Martens are a very popular statement piece for any occasion this season. They can be dressed up or down depending on where the day takes you. Her backpack is fabulous as well because it is not your typical North Face or Nike backpack. The color scheme blends perfectly together as she added in some neutral colors with her headband and scarf.

This Fashionista is able to take comfy-casual to a whole other level. Take notes people, this one is a show-stopper!

One Simple Change: For a girl’s night out, give this outfit more of an edgy look. Ditch the book bag, but keep the Dr. Martens. Make it an all-black outfit and throw on some neat jewelry instead of the scarf and headband. Make these change and you’re ready to hit the town with all of your friends.