October 11th, 2016 at 2:10am

Here in West Virginia, “fall” has been so unseasonably warm. Usually, by the time the pumpkin spice lattes and football games roll around, I’m ready to give up my shorts and tank tops for sweaters, scarves and tall leather boots. This year, unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. With this crazy heat, I am always left trying to find a cute and casual outfit that won’t make me too hot while I walk to class.

This Fashionista definitely got it right. To beat the heat, she wears a simple pink V-neck that looks incredibly soft and cozy and matches it with a pair of faded denim shorts. She finishes her look off with some cute black flip flops and a matching pink bracelet. Her stud earrings and raspberry colored lipstick give her outfit a finishing touch. My personal favorite part of her outfit is this little quote on her T-shirt that goes down the middle of her back. It adds a special detail and gives her some inspiration she may be needing during class. This outfit is just perfect for class because she looks effortless but also as cute as a button!

Next time you’re stuck trying to find an outfit for class in this unseasonable warmth, just follow this Fashionista’s lead. Leave the boots and sweaters at home and get the last use of the season out of your favorite denim shorts. Trust me, your knit sweaters and favorite tall boots can wait just a little bit longer.