Teachers, students, books. We all are now back to school and, if you are like me, already drowning in work. On any given day, I rarely know what to wear but this Fashionista has mastered what to wear to class in a cute, casual way. Did I mention it’s comfy too? I would agree it is nice to have on a cute outfit but sometimes comfort is key. Especially on those busy, never ending days. Nothing says how you’re feeling better than what you are wearing. She brings the necessities of relaxed and fashionable in one outfit.

This PC Friar is sporting a relaxed fit top and super fun shorts paired with white high-top Converse and adorable glasses. The Converse All-Stars encompass the ’70s vibes many of us are living and loving. The simplicity of the black top allows the shorts to really pop. The pattern reminds me of the tapestries found in almost every girls dorm room. The Ray-Ban glasses are nerdy chic: a girly take on Harry Potter. The look is classic and something that could never be worn too many times. To add, it is versatile. It is not limiting only for class. If you are like this Fashionista, you can also wear it to your theater rehearsals—perfect for your jam-packed days.  As cute as the outfit is for class, I would change the shorts to leggings for a travel day. It’s an easy little fix to be comfy on the plane or in the car. You have endless options.