May 5th, 2016 at 2:10am

With the influx of tests and projects at the end of the semester, I think we can all agree that sundresses, popsicles and carefree attitudes are in sight, but are nowhere in reach. Not only is summer being a tease, but the weather is too. In Philadelphia it was up to 80 degrees last week and down to 40 degrees this week, so everyone’s mind and wardrobe is just really stressed and confused.

As the stress increases, the cute outfits noticeably decrease around campus. Personally, if I have a billion things to do that day, the chances of me changing out of my big comfy sweatshirt are very unlikely. There are many Fashionistas/os at Philadelphia University, though that keep the light of fashion shining even through the hardest most stressful weeks. When I see these students who still look put together during finals week, I envy them but remember how possible it is to dress cute with comfort.

This Fashionisto is wearing a pair of maroon joggers paired with a white hooded jacket. He sports a pair of metallic oxfords and a baby blue backpack and hat. He accessorizes with a pom keychain, black sunglasses and gold watch. (TREND ALERT: these fuzzy pom keychains make literally everything look cuter. Try it out by clipping it on your pocket, purse or backpack.) This effortless look makes for the perfect class daywear and is a perfect example of the three C’s of University fashion: comfortable, cute and casual.

One Simple Change: Done your finals or last day of classes? Go out to celebrate in the same outfit by ditching the hat and backpack and unzipping the jacket.