April 27th, 2016 at 2:00am

With the spring semester coming to a close, the temptation to roll straight out of bed and into the lecture hall is greater than ever. Between the hours spent catching up with friends before summer and cramming for fast-approaching finals, there is barely enough time to down that one cup of coffee (or two, or three…) to keep you going for the rest of the day. Needless to say, at this time of year, the average college student is not too concerned about dressing to impress. The majority of classmates are seeking comfort at any cost, even if it means spending the whole day in pajamas.

However, this line of thinking has proposed some psychological research on the style of dress among young adults. Studies have shown that when you are wearing an outfit in which you feel good and think you look good, your mood improves and you are more likely to adopt a higher level of abstract thinking.

This advice could come in handy during finals, right?

Let’s take a look into further detail of this month’s featured Fashionisto. He has put pieces together that are class-appropriate, yet above the average expectation. The solid black T-shirt and jersey knit joggers create an inevitably comfortable ensemble. Paired with the Converse and blue snapback and accessorized with the gold jewelry, he tied the outfit together to create a look that expresses a fun twist of individuality. Not only does he look trendy, but he also feels confident enough to tackle any and all of the day’s classes, studying and whatever else college is going to throw at him.

Now, I’m not suggesting that you attend class in a pantsuit or a coat and tie, but I am suggesting that you challenge yourself to go a little further than the average, lazy day go-to outfit. Look better and feel better! Approach summer with style as this semester comes to an end!

One Simple Change: Have a short break between class and plans for the night? Switch out the joggers for a pair of jeans to create a look that is ready to hit downtown!