April 22nd, 2016 at 2:00am

It is finally starting to feel like spring in Kentucky, which means lots of rain, muggy air and a toss up of temperatures. It will go from being 50 degrees to 80 degrees the very next day and random torrential downpours. This makes it hard for one to keep their outfit on point while still looking like you know what season you’re in. This Fashionisto did both!

The typical outfits seen during people watching in the spring at Western Kentucky University is pretty universal. For the girls, it involves a T-shirt that is two sizes too big with shorts that are too short to be seen underneath. For the guys, it is one of two options: athletic look involving sweatpants or preppy look involving dark wash jeans and Sperry Top-Siders. These wardrobe choices are comfy and all, but it’s always lovely to spot someone who you can tell put in that extra effort that morning.

This Fashionisto drew my eye with his rad class fit. The cool colored plaid shirt made for the statement piece of the look. The jagged short sleeves really gave it that super grungy appeal, along with some dark ripped jeans. Booties in Kentucky are a must-have and he nailed it on the head. He killed two birds with one stone, being that they were the finishing touch on his look and complied perfectly with this crazy April weather. Oh and last but not least, his glasses! They are fabulously studious and especially show off that extra flare.

One Simple Change: Toss the glasses, grab a black leather moto jacket and turn this look from daytime casual to a night on the town after a long day of classes!