Before clicking her heels three times to escape the end of semester madness, this Fashionista is closing out the year with some sparkle over stress. By April we are sick and tired of waking up for class, cramming another assignment into our planners and trying to pick out an outfit when you don’t even have time to eat breakfast. I know, it seems so much easier to wake up and put on sweatpants. But does that actually make us feel better? Sometimes all we need is beautiful weather and a fun outfit to give us that daily motivation. I was taught at a young age, “when you look good you feel good,” and this Fashionista is the best example.

Her outfit is chic without sacrificing comfort. She seized the opportunity to slip on a Free People mini dress rather then wasting energy jumping into a tight pair of jeans. If the temperature is finally sundress approved, you have to take full advantage! She styled the loose and simple dress with some on-trend accessories. Her vintage Gap denim jacket is a 2016 fashion staple, plus the oversize fit is in style but also a comfortable layer for a jam packed day. She picked out two more top trends of the season with her Disruptive Youth pearl choker and black fringe purse. Can’t you just picture her on your Instagram feed with each of these springtime must haves?

But how can I forget what our eyes are really going to? Her glittery Vans. The Dorothy-inspired sneaker was the key component to this outfit. Even on the most stressful of days, they’re a reminder that “there’s no place like (college).” These sneakers are the epitome of chic comfort. This look is just the inspiration we needed for these last few weeks. With just a few similar staples I promise it can be as easy as she makes it look. Why not give yourself a study break and shop a little; it’s for your own good!

One Simple Change: After surviving your workload for the day you’ll deserve a night out. Take this look from day to night and exchange the denim for a black leather jacket. Make your look darker and a bit more daring, like Dorothy meets The Wicked Witch of the East!