April 14th, 2016 at 2:00am

As spring begins, trends change, but style remains a staple. For this Fashionisto, it’s all about comfort for class, while still remaining stylish.

At Ohio University, comfort is key for class. With all the hills students have to walk, comfortable shoes are a must. This Fashionisto wears Sperry Top-Siders, his tried and true class shoes. He said the more worn-in they are the better, so that your feet can really get used to the shoes and make them form the right way.

Another staple for class is a comfortable pair of jeans. He is wearing Arizona jeans, but other brands to try are Levi Brand Jeans, Hollister Co. or Abercrombie & Fitch. Any straight leg jean is very slimming and elongates the legs, making this Fashionisto look much taller. The relaxed fit and medium wash makes the outfit work and serves as a comfortable staple in this Fashionisto’s wardrobe.

Something else that is perfect for a chilly spring day is a simple long sleeve shirt; it keeps you warm, while still having the ability to roll the sleeves up to cool off. A nice Henley long sleeve T-shirt is perfect for the transition between seasons. His shirt is from Arrow, but any brand Henley shirt would work for class.

For those days when you don’t wake up early enough to do your hair, whether you are a Fashionista or a Fashionisto, a hat can make a great addition to your outfit. It is also a way to represent your hometown sports team like this Fashionisto. He is showing off his pride for the Buffalo Sabres, his favorite hockey team.

To finish his look, he added his father’s watch. Watches are the perfect accessory because they are simple and practical enough to wear every day.

One Simple Change: By adding different shoes to the look, this Fashionisto could make this look work a night out with friends. Shoes like these would do the trick.