It’s funny to think of the days when girls weren’t permitted to wear pants. All we had to choose from were long dresses; that is, until the hemlines began to rise and eventually trousers entered the closets of almost every woman. Now, we are entering a whole new era of fashion where gender roles are being questioned and the traditional borders of men’s and women’s apparel is continuously being crossed.

Here we are in 2016 and things couldn’t be more different. Our generation has brought forth an entirely new wave of fashion that absolutely every college student is familiar with: Athleisure. The quest to be forever cute and comfy has come to culmination through this trend. Sneakers and joggers are no longer confined to the walls of the gym. With the right styling, you can literally look like you rolled out of bed and be celebrated for it.

This Fashionista is sporting comfy separates, making it the perfect look for a busy day of errands and long hours in class. Skinny, black athletic pants retain a flattering silhouette, while a loose gray shirt creates the definition of comfort. The look is taken to the next level with the dramatic drape of her textured shawl. It’s essentially a blanket to curl up in, but it creates drama with an otherwise understated color scheme. Lastly, of course, is a pair of slick, black Nike sneakers that serves as a staple for so many of these looks.

One Simple Change: Going out to a casual brunch with friends? Switch out the sneakers for streamlined pumps and replace the gray knit with a sheer, dressy blouse tucked into the pants. You’ll be ready to feast with friends in no time.