March 28th, 2016 at 2:00am

With midterms on full blast, one of the biggest struggles, besides studying of course, is dealing with what to wear. The last thing on our minds is our outfit. We have to worry about memorizing those biology facts and formulas for our calculus exam. But here, we have a “guy on the move,” as I like to call him, showing us that dressing well and comfortably can be done all in one outfit.

Overall, the outfit fits into a color scheme with its dark tones and the pop of red at the sneakers. All the pieces are very simple, sticking with a single main color, but the details are what turns this outfit from typical to eye-catching. His sweater‘s thin lines of silver, especially the diagonal lines that remind me of pockets, add a unique twist and form a connection with the old-school silver watch. His camouflage-like joggers are in line with today’s obsession with comfy, yet sporty sweatpants that taper at the ankles to provide shape. The subtle print makes these joggers more interesting than the common grey or navy colors we usually see.

This look really caught my eye because it looked so comfortable and could easily fly under your radar. However, if you take a longer look, you’ll appreciate how the subtle details elevate this comfortable ensemble that can easily be worn during your midterms season. Kill those midterms with 100s while killing your comfy style game.

One Simple Change: After big exams are over, it’s common that people like to go out and celebrate. If you’re running out of time to change your outfit from casual, more “bummy” exam-wear, don’t fret. A quick shoe change can easily take this outfit from the classroom to the classy restaurant scene. Replacing those sneakers with a pair of oxfords that follow the color scheme would keep the same dark tones of the outfit, while making it more appropriate for a more dressed up occasion. If you’re looking to spiff it up even more, choose a pair of oxfords that still add a pop of brighter color just like the sneakers worn before.