March 29th, 2016 at 2:00am

In the college world, there are two ways of getting to class on foot. We end up either strolling through the sights and sounds of a busy morning, or running to save our lives and our GPAs. The messy bun and university T-shirt that follows seems like the only solution when we realize that class starts in ten minutes.

Why not change a habit and dress to impress for that inevitable early morning trek through campus? Be that unique splash of color in a sea of black leggings and white Converse. You will feel like you accomplished something great, even if you did forget to do the homework assignment from the night before.

When there is limited time to decide what to wear for the long day of classes ahead, it is imperative to look at options that will remain comfortable through sundown. This Fashionista shows her stylish yet sensible side by turning a classic look into a new way of showing color through texture and design. While her maroon shirt and black skirt are not an unusual combination, she uses staple pieces such as flowery tights and a black woven cardigan tied around her waist to add her own personality to the outfit. The tights contrast with the plain colors of the rest of the outfit, which helps to intensify the flowers that decorate the sides of her legs. The combat boots keep her feet blister-free while snug inside a layer of padding. Look for a pair of boots that are simple in style, yet effective in nature.

Simplicity is a necessity that students sometimes forget about. This Fashionista plays on the simplicity of her outfit by balancing the plain colors of the shirt and skirt with the limited textures of the wrap and tights. Dressing for both comfort and style never seemed so easy, and can come in handy when you have to run across campus.

One Simple Change: Looking for a way to add some school spirit to this outfit for the upcoming home game? Keep the tights, but change the color and design of them. Find a cool geometric pattern with school colors and finish the outfit off with a baseball cap. Tailgate in style to show your good old-fashioned game day pride.