March 22nd, 2016 at 1:59pm

The days of guys not caring about their outfits are over. The come-up for men’s fashion is at an all-time high right now, thanks to layering and fashion influencer, Kanye West.

I love this quote by Kanye for GQ, “Skinny pants are rock ‘n’ roll and big coats are really hip-hop. I’m looking for 50 percent rock ‘n’ roll, 50 percent hip-hop, 50 percent genius. Because, you know—for genius, you have to be at a 150 percent.”

Kanye is the master of creativity, and layering is all about being creative. Layers are everything ATM and are absolutely perfect for sitting in classes all day. I don’t know about your college’s heat situation but UAlbany either has the heat cranked to 90 degrees, or not at all, and has us chillin’ at 15 degrees. You never really know what the temperature in the classroom will be like, so layering up is the best option, especially during the winter to spring transition.

The key to layering is balance. Choose your color scheme and stick with it. Layer multiple jackets or sweatshirts, at different lengths, starting with the most lightweight, like this Fashionisto. He began with a white T-shirt, then added a zipped-up dark gray jersey cardigan, added an unzipped solid navy sweatshirt, and then topped it off with a dope varsity jacket. Paired with this layered ensemble are a pair of black denim jeans and tan suede oxfords. It’s safe to say that he killed this look for class.

There’s just something about a dude who can dress that gets a girl every time. It’s safe to say that the aesthetic of a well put-together outfit is pretty equivalent to the heart eyes emoji.

One Simple Change: To go from class to a dinner date with your boo, lose the hat, grab some hair gel and swap the dark denim for light denim like these for a more polished look.