March 10th, 2016 at 2:00am

Everyone knows the struggle that comes along with picking out an outfit for class. That being said, everyone is different. Some really enjoy the idea of dressing up and others like dressing down. Your college campus is your own personal runway, so take advantage of it.

This Fashionisto is taking advantage of these cold days and layering his favorite pieces while he still can. Cardigans are great for winter because you are able to put them on and off, depending on the ever changing temperature. They are also great for men and women. Guys, don’t be afraid to wear a cardigan because you think they’re “not masculine.” A real man knows that a cardigan can really add a lot to a simple outfit. As seen in this Fashionisto’s look, the cardigan over the flannel gives even more warmth than the flannel can offer. This flannel is great because it adds a lot of color. The maroon, mustard and white give great contrast to all of the dark pieces of the outfit. Without the cardigan this would just be another flannel and jeans pairing, but this classic black cardigan really adds the extra push needed to turn heads on campus.

Guys also have the ability to accessorize. This Fashoinisto added a watch with a leather band and a hat to the look. The simple watch is so classic and can be worn for so many different occasions. A watch is can make any outfit even more sophisticated, but a hat is a nice way to tone down a look for class. This black trucker hat can really be a focal point, especially since it’s Patagonia.

Aside from the hat and watch, these Clarks might be the real statement piece here. Clarks are such a timeless shoe that are durable and practical for these winter months. What makes these shoes such a staple piece in this outfit is simply the way his jeans are cuffed. Cuffing your pants is such a simple way to really show off your shoes and any crazy socks you might be wearing that day.

One Simple Change: To take this look from class to a nice dinner, simply take off the hat and you’re good to go for a night on the town!